Candidates Speaking Guidelines

The Lake Houston Pachyderm Club is sincerely appreciative and grateful to our elected officials and candidates for attending our meetings. Our goal is to provide you with a forum and space to address our membership and fellow citizens in a timely and organized manner. Please see below for our guidelines and outline of how we’ll organize to allow everyone a chance to speak.

  • **Please arrive no later than 6:30**

  • Our program starts at 7pm, first guests arrive at 5:30 (the earliest), and most arrive between 6 to 6:15pm.

    • Dinner and social hour is between 6 to 7pm

    • The program will start on time at 7pm, and our elected officials and candidates will speak prior to the program.

  • For those candidates & officials who sign in on the ‘candidates’ or ‘elected officials’ forms by 6:30ish and would like to speak, we'll begin at about 6:45 (or earlier, depending on the number of requests).

  • Each speaker will have roughly one minute each. The allotted time may change due to the number of speakers.

  • There will be a ‘shot clock’ to keep the time.

  • The Club will introduce each person very briefly (name, position) to save the speakers a few seconds each, so they can focus on their core message.

Thank you, & Good Luck!






Justin Lurie, President, Lake Houston Pachyderm Club

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